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Sattar Khan And Bagher Khan Depart For Tehran

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March, 19, 1910 A.D.:
Sattar Khan And Bagher Khan Depart For Tehran

By: Mir M.Hosseini

When Tehran was liberated by Bakhtiari and Mojahedin of Gilan, Sattar Khan and other fighters had to seek refugee at the Ottoman embassy in Tabriz. Mokhberossaltaneh Hedayat who had become Azerbaijan governor could not get along with Sattar Khan, that's why he asked Sardar Bahador who had arrived in Azerbaijan to send him to Tehran. Sardar Bahador wrote to Sardar Asad explaining the situation.
After a while telegrams arrived from Azadolmolk, Sardar Asad, head of Majlis and other state authorities inviting Sattar Khan and Bagher Khan to Tehran.
Tabriz came under Russian occupation. Sattar Khan and Bagher Khan each heading 50 cavalries departed for Tehran. After their arrival on March, 26, 1910, the government gave them a place to stay and a salary to make a living. After a while, when the government insisted on disarmement of all groups, Sattar Khan supporters resisted the order and clashed with the army. 30 of Sattar Khan's men were killed and 300 arrested. Sattar Khan was humiliated. Four years later, Sattar Khan died under house arrest and his comrade Bagher Khan was killed in an ambush in Ghasreshirin in 1916.
Revolution eats her own children.

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