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Bread Riots Emerge In Tehran

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December, 8, 1942 A.D.:
Bread Riots Emerge In Tehran

By: Mir M.Hosseini

While Iran was still under occupation and crop from the most fertile northern provinces were sent to USSR, Iranians were facing famine. The quality of bread gradually became so poor that a group of people started gathering in Baharestan Square since the early hours of Dec, 8. Later that day, some representatives of people entered the parliament to negotiate a solution which did not become possible. Unsatisfied, the angry crowd, mostly young students began beating some parliament representatives. Another group broke into Ghavamossaltaneh's mansion. Soon, the angry mob started looting shops and local businesses around Bazaar. The police could not contain the riots that were spreading fast.
Ghavamossaltaneh ordered shutting down all newspapers and appointed general Amir Ahmadi as the governor who briefly declared military curfew. Riots were suppressed by force. Some of the uprising leaders were arrested or killed. Newspapers stayed closed with the pretext of a new Press Law that was being prepared. Therefore, there are no reliable accounts of tolls of the incident to this day.
A century years later, Iranians still lack democratic representation, free press and a media that can convey voices of the masses.

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