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Ahmad Ghavam Arrested

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April, 2, 1921 A.D.:
Ahmad Ghavam Arrested

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Ahmad Ghavam, later to be known as Ghavamossaltaneh was the governor of Khorasan when he was arrested by Colonel Pesyan. At first, these two important figures in Iranian political history were close friends. But after the coup on Feb, 22, 1921, Seyyed Ziaoddin Tabatabayi became Prime Minister. But Ghavam refused to acknowledge the junta government and his arrest order was sent to Colonel Pesyan who was the Gendarmerie chief at the time. Ahmad Ghavam, his family, and friends were arrested and sent to Tehran.
But Seyyed Zia's prime ministership did not last more than 100 days and he was dismissed by Ahmad Shah on May, 25, 1921. 4 days later, on May, 29, a decree signed by Ahmad Shah was sent to Eshratabad Prison; by that order, Ahmad Ghavam became Prime Minister. This was the first of eleven times that Ghavamossaltaneh was appointed to form a cabinet of ministers.
Meanwhile the 3d Majlis which consisted mostly of rich and influential representatives, became the scene of harsh criticism against Dr. Mosaddegh, his minister of finance for proposing a tax reform bill. Mosaddegh was so stressed that he passed out during a speech in Majlis defending the tax bill. Ghavamossaltaneh reacted by submitting his resignation in protest on, Jan, 19, 1922.
Ghavamossaltaneh remains a controversial figure to date, someone who survived serving 5 kings during the most critical parts of the Iranian history.

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