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Darolfonoon Inaugurated

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December, 23, 1851 A.D.:
Darolfonoon Inaugurated

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Amirkabir set the foundation for Darolfonoon school in Tehran. The opening ceremony however, took place after he was dismissed from duty as Vezir. Darolfonoon was a replacement for traditional Madrasa. It was an institutional model for a war academy where Iranians could also study medicine and foreign languages. The instructors at Darolfonoon were sent to Europe every once in a while to become aquainted with new technology.
Unfortunately, the first team of professors arrived in Tehran two days after Amirkabir was arrested and sent to exile in Kashan. The first seven instructors were all from Austria and naturally, the students were all children of rich people. Eighty years later, the old building was demolished and constructions for a new building started.
Infantry, cavalry, artillery, engineering, medicine, surgery, pharmacy, and chemistry were taught alongside French, natural sciences, mathematics, history, and geography. Gradually, English, Russian, painting and music were added.
With inauguration of the Tehran University on March, 15, 1936, Darolfonoon was turned into a high school.

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