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Amirkabir Marries Shah's Sister

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February, 15, 1849 A.D.:
Amirkabir Marries Shah's Sister

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Amirkabir married Ezzatoddoleh, Naseroddin Shah's sister on Feb, 15, 1846. According to a certificate of marriage, the bridewealth consisted of a Quran, and 8,000 Tomans cash in Ashrafi. Amirkabir was a brilliant man who dreamed of a modern Iran. With his efforts, Naseroddin Shah ascended the throne at the age of 16.
His marriage to Ezzatoddoleh paved his way to progress and he was appointed as Prime Minister in August, 1947. Amirkabir quickly started important reforms that included:
-Foundation of Darolfonoon school.
-Publication of Vaghaye Ettefaghiyeh Newspaper.
-Rearranging Treasury and cutting expenses.
-Ban on carrying arms and eliminating mob.
-Modernizing the army .
-Reassessment of foreign diplomacy.
-Ban on religious fanatics.
-Ban on using royal titles.
He therefore took a path that would lead Iran to modernization and development. Compared to his predecessor, Haji Mirza Aghasi who used to send a copy of all his formal communications to the British and Russian consulates, Amirkabir tried to eliminate foreign influence. He subsequently gained some enemies including Mahdolia, and Mirza Aghakhan Nouri who saw him as a threat to their own interests.
Amirkabir's enemies finally succeeded in making Naseroddin Shah believe that his throne was in danger and made the Shah dismiss the Prime Minister on Nov, 24, 1850, replacing him with a foreign puppet. By Shah's order, Amirkabir was sent to exile in Kashan and was killed in Hamam of the Feen Garden on Jan, 10, 1852.

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