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September, 20

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September, 20, 1638 A.D.:
Ottomans Lay Siege To Baghdad

Sultan Murat 4. completed Baghdad siege and asked the Iranian commander in charge to surrender. The Iranians wowed not to give Baghdad up without a fight till the last person. Thus started a three month long resistance against the Ottomans who wanted to take all of the Arab world under control. Mean... Read Full Article:


September, 20, 1729 A.D.:
The Battle Of Damghan

When Ashraf Afghan heard that Nader had set out for Herat, he thought of it as a good opportunity to plunder Mashhad. Nader's army quickly reached Khorasan on July, 13, 1729 and he set his artillery in the field and waited. But the Ashraf army did not dare attack Mashhad and they kept on plundering ... Read Full Article:


September, 20, 1837 A.D.:
Afghanistan Separated From Motherland

In the first year of Mohammad Shah's reign, under Henry Ellis, John McNeill was appointed secretary of the special embassy sent to congratulate the Qajar king on his accession to the Persian throne. He was honored with the order of Shir-o-Khorshid. McNeill was sent to Persia as Minister in May 1836,... Read Full Article:


September, 20, 1911 A.D.:
Nobel Brothers Rasht Pipeline

During the second term of the young Iranian Parliament (Majlis) a bill was approved which granted rights to an oil pipeline to Nobel Brothers on Sep, 20, 1911. This pipeline connected Rasht to Bijar Khaleh, a small port by the Caspian Sea. The Petroleum Production Company Nobel Brothers, Limited, al... Read Full Article:

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